Make Easy Apple Pie

FOOD  | 9.6.16  |  by Julie Rhodins

Image Courtesy: WhatsUpMoms

If you’re a working mom, you know just how hard it is to find the time to make daily dinners let alone special treats.  But as we round the corner on fall harvest and the change in seasons, we just love the idea of making apple pie.  It makes the house smell so yummy.

Here at SMG we thought that maybe there were easier ways to make that apple pie.  So we’ve put together our top video choices to help you make that easy apple pie in the least amount of time possible.  And with the least amount of fret and prep.

Read on for our top picks for making that easy apple pie  

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Quick Apple Pie

This recipe and method is from Julie Geary at Cook123.  She likes to use pre-made dough that you buy at the store to cut down the time.  Lots of tips in her video to make it simple.


Easy Apple Pie

This recipe and method is from Meg at WhatsUpMoms’ YouTube channel.  Her simple secret is breaking up the apple pie making into 3 steps.  We agree!  It helps to do a bit here, a bit there.  Especially when you’re so busy.  Go Meg!


Quick Apple Pie Rollups

Granted, this isn’t apple pie … yet, it’s a delicious cheat.  If you’re pressed for time and have picky eaters, this just might be the middle ground you’re looking for.  Just minutes for the prep, and only 15 minutes in the oven.  Kids will eat them up and you won’t feel like you slaved for hours.  Your house will still smell like home-baked goods — ahhh!

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