EVERYDAY HOME  | 12.15.16  |  by Julie Rhodins

This is the time of year when we think of gifts to give our loved ones.  Time and love, of course, are the grandest gifts of all that we can give to our little ones and spouse.  Many adults have fond memories of their parents reading to them before bedtime.  It’s a beautiful gift of precious evening time, imagination, and the calming voice of mommy or daddy.  Here are some recommended bedtime stories for children to help you make that beautiful family magic.

 Read on for some great bedtime stories for children  

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The Full Moon at the Napping House

By Audrey Wood.  From Scholastic, “The moonlight is pouring in and no one can get to sleep: not Granny, her grandchild, the dog, the cat, or even the mouse. It’s not until a tiny musical visitor offers up a soothing song that the menagerie settles down, and finally everyone is off to dreamland.  With perfectly crafted text and stunning paintings, this is the ideal book to share at bedtime or anytime.”


By Mary Lyn Ray.  From MissLeeReads at YouTube, “This book is a collaboration between two amazingly talented authors/illustrators. It’s great for all ages and has gorgeous illustrations.”  And a video review also follows below.


Just Because You’re Mine

By Sally Lloyd-Jones.  CommonSenseMedia.org says “Parents need to know that this warm picture book about the nature of parental love is perfect for read-aloud and not sappy at all. Kids really do wonder sometimes why their mom or dad loves them. This book gives a very honest and appropriate answer without being saccharine.”

Bears Snore On

By Karma Wilson.  Says Writer and Editor Renee M. LaTulippe,  “All you experienced moms and dads and teachers and librarians already know about Karma’s Bear books, but for this pretty-new mom and lifetime rhymer, seeing Bear Snores On for the first time a month ago was a revelation. (And I got the board book version, which comes with a snore button — score!) As soon as I read the first few words, I knew I was in love.”

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