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Photo Courtesy: FrogTape

One of the most lovely trends of Spring 2016 is brightening up of rooms.  This is mostly done with adding pops of color to your decor.  The great thing about this is that pops of color can be done very quickly.  In one hour you can do a lot to brighten a room.

Read on for easy ideas on how to brighten a room this spring  

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Paint One Wall a Bright Color

This bathroom wall behind the vanity is a great example.  A simple project of painting one small wall can be done in 1 hour.

Photo: FrogTape

Photo: FrogTape

If you want to use FrogTape, you can make lined patterns to break up the strong color — you’ll just need to add another hour onto your project time.  FrogTape is like masking tape only it’s supposed to keep the paint from bleeding underneath the tape — just make sure you precisely follow the instructions.  Geometric patterns with the tape look great with more modern or French chic decor.

Add a Colorful Throw Pillow

This idea is so easy.  We love these pillows from Pottery Barn, as they are a great example of a pop of color yet aren’t too overpowering.  Pops of color don’t have to get all the attention.

Another design trick is to just swap out pillow covers, not the whole pillow.  In spring and summer you could have more bright colors, and as you move to fall and winter you could switch out for more dusty shades.

Give a Room a Boost with Flowers

Seasonal flowers are an easy pickup when you are at the grocery store or farmer’s market.  They make any room glow.

For a pop of color, you can either choose a bright flower color and clear glass vase.  Or do the opposite, with a more neutral green flower or vine arrangement and a strikingly colorful vase.

Photo Courtesy: Natural Touch Flowers

Photo Courtesy: Natural Touch Flowers

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