EVERYDAY HOME  | 6.21.17  |  by Terra Wellington

Bujos! Have you ever seen one? Bujos stands for bullet journals. They’re all over Pinterest, with beautiful designs and handwriting.

Here’s an example of one that’s one part functional and one part creative art piece –

Image Courtesy: jess_studies on Instagram

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What is a Bullet Journal?

At its core, a bullet journal is made up of bullets. You know, the bulleted items you make a list with or to-do items. It is a sort of journal of what there is to do, a low-tech hand-made calendar, notes, thoughts, whatever – thus, the journal part. It’s not just a calendar, most of the time.

The problem is that most bullet journals that you see online seem to be made by people with loads of time, an itch for creativity, and an artistic edge. Most moms don’t have that kind of time.

Here’s more samples of beautiful bullet journals –

Image Courtesy: ohlookimstudying on Instagram

Image Courtesy: journalsanctuary on Instagram

Image Courtesy: morbidmechadoll on Instagram

A Bullet Journal Alternative

Okay, so this is where we think that there is an easy alternative to bullet journals. At least the kind that takes up so much time.

Yes, we like the journal component – it rids you of having flying post-its and pieces of paper with notes everywhere. It keeps all your ideas and thoughts in one place. Centralization is useful.

Here’s what we recommend in the interest of time savings and simplicity:

  • CHOOSE A BASIC JOURNAL THAT’S BEAUTIFUL: Get a basic journal with just lined pages – we like this budget friendly 7 – 1/2” by 10 – 1/4″ CR Gibson bonded leather 192-page journal because it’s slightly larger, doesn’t have spiral bound which can catch on things, has enough pages to last a while, and is tactically nice to the touch … it also can be used at the office because it looks so professional, melding your personal and work life for some flexibility and centralization
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TECH CALENDARS: Keep appointments, birthdays, and task reminders on a Google calendar or some type of program that syncs with your phone and computer . This way you’re not writing up all those items into your journal – that’s too much work to take the time to make your journal a full-fledged calendar. For example, Daylite Cloud for Mac OS is a little more on the pricier side with its subscription, but could be consider a business expense for working moms – it syncs with your desktop/laptop and phone/tablet.
  • USE YOUR JOURNAL FOR WEEKLY TO-DO’s AND NOTES:  Keep it simple!!  Use the journal to plot out your week’s to-do’s and appointments. Make notes as you go along.  That’s it.  (Though, we have been known to use our journal to write out ideas and thoughts in freeform — because the journal is so destructured, it allows this.)
  • ENTER INFO INTO EVERNOTE: Utilize Evernote (there is a basic free version), which syncs with your phone and computer. As needed, move some of your notes and ideas from the bullet journal into notebooks within Evernote. Recipes and other handy finds – clip to your Evernote notebook. Even take pictures of things and toss the original – send to your Evernote. It’s a way to de-clutter. This is a much easier organizational system than trying to use your bullet journal to index your notes and stuff it full of things.

Here’s examples of simple bullet journals —

Image Courtesy: bigbluebed of Instagram

Image Courtesy: atrandum on Instagram

Image Courtesy: sparkleadventures on Instagram

In short, don’t try to compete with making your bullet journal some type of art piece … unless you have the time and want to.

Most moms just need a central note-taking and daily to-do to stay on track – leaving the rest to technology to help you along.