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We love our pets!  And we want them to have the best care.  That includes regular baths.  A lot of people think that in the winter and early spring indoor pets don’t need regular bathing because they aren’t outdoors.  But that isn’t true.  Here’s some healthy pet tips.

Early spring indoor pet tips  

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How to Give a Gentle Bath

“When heating systems are running day in and day out, a dog’s skin becomes dry and itchy, just like ours does,” says Traci Simo, of Canine Company. “If you see your pet scratching, licking or biting himself during the winter months, that a sign that he’s uncomfortable. If you don’t intervene, that behavior can lead to more severe skin problems.”

To prevent those problems, she recommends the following:

  • Start with a massaging shampoo followed by a deep moisturizing treatment. “Use only products specifically formulated for pets. Dogs’ skin has a different pH, so using human products can actually make skin problems worse.”
  • Let the coat air-dry. Towel thoroughly, and comb through the hair to facilitate the process. “It’s best not to use a hair dryer, because a dog’s skin burns more easily.”

We love Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Shampoo which is PH-adjusted.

Photo: PRNewsFoto/Canine Company

Photo: PRNewsFoto/Canine Company

Brush Regularly

Once you’ve given your pet friend a good bath and towel dry, it’s good brush its coat.  This stimulates the pet’s natural oils for healthier skin and fur.

Simo recommends that you choose a gentle comb that is matched for the right length of hair.  FURminator has deshedding combs for both short and long hair dogs, for example.

If you see patchy areas with dry skin, you might need to talk to a professional groomer about a moisturizing treatment.