EVERYDAY HOME  | 11.27.16  |  by Julie Rhodins

Image Courtesy: Youtube / SoCraftastic

A few weeks ago we wrote about ways to teach your children kindness.  And one of those tips was to provide service opportunities for your children.  It creates a healthy state of mind to care about others and be a giving person.  The holidays lend themselves to easy giving opportunities to show that kindness.  And one idea is to make easy fleece blankets with your child … and give them away.  Maybe to a friend, a neighbor, the local homeless shelter or aid center, or through a giving program at your church.  We’ve compiled a couple of simple videos to show you how to make those fleece blankets.  Just like quilting of days gone past, this activity is also relationship builder with your child.

 VIDEOS below on how to make easy fleece blankets  

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