EVERYDAY HOME  |  12.5.18  |  by Gia Dolney

You may have grown up with lots of metallics, tinsels, and gift-wrapping trash during the holidays.  But things are changing!!  There is a huge movement toward less waste with everything in our lives.  And the holidays are no different.  We’re excited to give you several ideas on less waste gift wrapping.  The ideas tend to be low cost, oftentimes reusable, and fresh looking.  Have fun!!

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Use More Gift Bags

Gift bags are easier to reuse over and over.  Granted, this might be a little tricky if you have little folk who like to peak in them — and then maybe you wrap with tissue paper so that it’s easy to recycle.  But the bag can be stored and used again and again.  Also, try to choose more natural paper gift bags if you can, and avoid those with unrecyclable metallics and glitter.

Look for More Natural Decorations

Instead of holiday ribbons that often have unrecyclable plastics and metalics woven into the material, go for —

  • Pretty holiday twine — you can find it at craft stores and sometimes even at the 99 cent store.  Lots of craft and hobby stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and JoAnn’s have phone apps with ongoing coupons; make sure you take advantage of the discounts.
  • Tie little mini gifts into the top of the gift — instead of more ribbons.  Maybe candies, or a Christmas ornament.
  • Pieces of tree branches — if you buy a natural Christmas tree and need to cut a few branches, save the branches for using as gift decor — see the example below.
  • Save your Christmas cards — and glue them onto your brown paper gift bags and wrapped gifts.  What a beautiful reuse.
  • Stamp your brown paper — it’s a super fun way for the kids to get into making their own wrapping paper