EVERYDAY HOME  | 1.30.18  |  by Gia Dolney

Valentine’s Day is coming!!  It’s so fun to make things for loved ones and show them you care.  And kids naturally have a knack for wanting to give gifts and decorating.  Here are some low-cost Valentine’s Day fun to share!!

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Get A Little Help With Canva

If you have paper, a computer (or tablet), and a printer, you can make 4×6 cards in Canva (it’s free — many stock photos and illustrations are also free).  Choose “gift certificate” to get you the 4×6 size.  And then add your images and text.  Your little one can then do some “kid art” on the print out.  Cut it out with regular or shape edge scissors.  And you’ve got a Valentine’s card in a jiffy!

Here’s an example:

Hit the Dollar Store

When it comes to creating a fun Valentine’s Day gift for the teacher or friends, why spend a bundle?  Hit the local dollar store for treats, containers (save a bunch on containers!!), ribbons, and more.  It’s usually much cheaper than going to a craft store, for example.

Though, for candy it depends on how much you’re buying, so compare costs.  For example, you might be able to get a bulk box of candy at Walmart for much less overall than the dollar store which will only sell you small portions.

Angela Richter at Life of a Homebody blog has a number of dollar-store Valentine’s Day ideas.  Here’s one:

Photo Courtesy: Angela Richter

Create Easy Valentine’s Decorations

Why buy Valentine’s Day decorations when you can make them with your kids?  And they can cost so much less.  We love Chris at DI-Why Projects list of low-cost ideas —

And here’s a super cute heart man.  If you don’t have red paper, you can color some paper red.  The eyes can also be sketched in.  Here’s a current link for instructions.