A mom with twins has to plan out a few more tasks with the double babies.

EVERYDAY HOME |  6.17.19

There is nothing more challenging than raising a child, except perhaps raising twins.  An article in Today’s Parent points out that it’s a very particular type of parenting adventure and there’s a lot of things about it that are both fun and overwhelming —  it’s very different from giving birth to a single baby.  For one, it helps to have each baby wear little hypoallergenic bracelets of different colors if they are identical twins, which helps not only with identification but also to keep track of when it’s time to feed which baby.  Here are some additional top tips on being a mom with twins.

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Sleep Training with Twin Babies

If your newborns are sleeping together in one room, let them get used to each other’s noises because they will eventually learn to settle themselves back to sleep. Synchronize your babies’ nap and nighttime sleep schedules so you don’t end up managing two sleep patterns. Very Well Family suggests you establish a consistent daily routine to help signal to your babies that it’s time to sleep.

You can also soften the atmosphere with subtle lighting changes, give them a relaxing bath before bed, or even play or sing some lullabies.  These are all simple things you can do as part of the routine.

Feeding Tips for Twins

Babies need to eat once every two to three hours day and night. The key to feeding your twins right is to take the cue from them. One baby may need more feeding than the other, so keep a record of each feeding so you know who needs to eat and when. Get a nursing pillow designed for twins, and this will help reduce arm cramps while you’re breastfeeding. It is also recommended that you switch breasts for each baby every time you feed, so both breasts have equal chances to be emptied (which tell your body that it’s time to make milk again) —this means you’ll have sufficient milk supply for your babies.

The Newest Baby Strollers for Twins

For a mom with twins, you can be smart about how you transport your twins around to make your life easier. A good example of this is deciding which type of stroller to buy. For example, double pushchairs like these listed on iCandy are tandem strollers for twin infants — a tandem stroller has the advantage of being the same width as a single-baby stroller because the sitting areas are stacked. This makes transporting your twins around town much easier compared to a model where the seats are next to each other.  However, once your babies are older and want to see around, then double strollers are the best bet as the give both children an unobstructed view. Safety is also important.  Check out our stroller safety article about federally mandated stroller safety features. These include locking mechanisms and parking breaks.

To Share Or Not To Share

It is important to instill individuality early on, especially as twins will be expected to share a lot more than a single child. As they grow to become toddlers, Twins Magazine recommends not forcing them to share, as this will improve their sense of self. A parent can do this by making sure they buy different toys for each child. They also recommend putting them in separate rooms when they are older so they can claim their own space.

If you’re a mom of twins, it’s important to understand that the first year is always the hardest, but things do eventually calm down. The key is to ask for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed.