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Photo: Wall Organization by JoAnn Fabrics (PRNewsFoto/Family Features Editorial Syndi)

We’re more minimalist minded here at SMG, but sometimes wall space organization can really being tastefully done.  Especially if you have a bit of artistic flare or add some whimsicalness.  As we inch closer to spring, why not do a little organizing?  Be inspired.

Read on for our favorite room wall organizers  

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Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf with Metal Rail


We love how this walnut hand-stained wood shelf with metal rail has both a modern and vintage feel.  You can tier two shelves, adding the towel rail only to the bottom one for layered look and space saver.  (Amazon.com, $44.99)

Mail Sorter with 3 Key Hooks


If your counters are anything like ours, then you know what it is to have mail stack up.  This is a great alternative to putting your keys, mail, and other knickknacks in one spot.  The vintage flair and modern color are perfect pluses.  (Amazon.com, $39.95)

DIY Wall Crate Organization


If you like a crafty feel, make your own wall organizer with a cluster of small-sized crates.  Here’s what you’ll need — instructions courtesy of joann.com, all supplies can be found there too:

  • 1, 1-inch flat brush
  • 1 each Homedecor Chalk Finish Paint: Teal, Sheepskin, Cascade, Parisian Grey, Oatmeal
  • 3 large Woodline Works unfinished crates
  • 2 small Woodline Works unfinished crates
  • sandpaper
  • old rag or soft cloth
  • 1 bottle Homedecor white wax

Paint each box a different color and let dry. Paint the box again using a different color than the bottom color and let dry.

Lightly to moderately sand each box to expose paint underneath to give each box a distressed look.

Using an old rag or soft cloth, rub each sanded box with white wax and let dry. Buff each box to give it a finished look and feel. Hang boxes in a cluster to create a shelf organizer with multiple storage spaces.

Full Wall Storage System


When you want to take advantage of a whole wall, you can use modular units to build up organizational space.  This way you get what you want — some closed spaces, some open.  This modern white modular organization is composed of several units.  The natural baskets in the third level give a fresh look.  (Pottery Barn for Kids, $129.99-399.00)

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