EVERYDAY HOME  | 12.16.16  |  by Julie Rhodins

Image Courtesy: YouTube / Learn With Adrienne

Often our 1-3 year olds have a very short attention span when it comes to reading them a book.  Oh how we wish they would just sit tight as we masterfully read them Tolkien … or at least the ABC’s?  But just like most things with parenting, skills go a long way.  This is why we love the “Learn with Adrienne” YouTube videos on working with toddlers.  We especially like her tutorial on how to read to your toddler, because it’s so simple and straightforward.  And, we bet you’ll never see a toddler book the same ever again after realizing there’s so much to share and enjoy, even when it’s just “see baby.”

 Check out the tutorial below on how to read to your toddler  

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