EVERYDAY HOME  | 4.13.17  |  by Julie Rhodins

Photo Courtesy: YouTube / iRobot

If we can make life easier with mundane home chores, we’re all for it!  We’ve found some simple home innovations that save you time and keep things cleaner.  Move your kids to other chores that a robot can’t do yet, like cleaning out the dishwasher or taking out the trash.

 Read on for simple home innovations this spring  

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Cut down home cleaning time

We don’t know anyone at SMG who likes vacuuming.  If your kids are old enough, you can put them to work with vacuuming chores.  But otherwise, we’d rather spend time doing homework, sports, family recreation, and move to other chores like gardening or dishwasher unloading.

This is why we like this robot!  The iRobot 900 series vacuuming robot maps your home and can be scheduled via an app.  Basically it’s a no-brainer if you can afford the extra technology (about $699.00 for the iRobot 960).

For parents who both work, it’s a real help to keep the dust and dirt off the floor.  And if you have an indoor pet, it can help with allergies.  Here’s how it works in this video.


Less Mess With Cleaning Your Pet

We like this new gadget by Waterpik.  It’s the Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower ($49.00).  No more buckets in the tub.  Or just the hose outside.

No more buckets in the tub or unwieldy hose outside.  You attach this wand to your indoor shower for targeted cleaning.  Or it also attaches to your hose outside, but without the spray mess.

We very much like the indoor option, in that it’s ready to go once attached.  It makes giving the dog a bath super fast, less messy, and a potentially more thorough cleaning in just a few minutes.  Here’s a quick video.


Dry Your Cleaned Carpets Faster

Okay.  The new Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner ($189.00) is marketed as giving your carpet a better clean, especially for pet stains.  That’s great, but what we really like about the machine is how quickly it dries your carpet after cleaning it.

It’s one thing to save a ton of money and clean your own carpets, but when the carpet won’t dry for a day or two that’s a problem.

This machine has a HeatForce element that helps the carpet to dry in less than 45 minutes.  Whoo-hoo!

Photo Courtesy: Hoover

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