HEALTHY LIVING  | 1.10.17  |  by Julie Rhodins

Image Courtesy: YouTube / Burke BunchTV

It can be challenging to get the family outdoors in the winter.  But your children are better off (if they stay warm) to get outdoors for free play even in the winter.  It breaks them from screens, gets their bodies moving, and provides needed sunlight to help their sleep and eating patterns stay normal and healthy.  Here are several (and simple!) ideas for winter play fun!

 Read on for simple winter outdoor play ideas  

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Grab the sleds and go!

Even with a few inches of snow, give your children a sled and a hill and they’ll be happy for hours.  Sledding burns tons of calories and helps to keep your children warm, even in the cold weather.  Gloves, a coat, warm socks, and boots — and you’re good to go.  If you don’t have a ski suit, just let them sled for a couple of hours in their jeans.  If kids in the 1970s could sled in their jeans, certainly your child will be okay.  Have fun!

Make Snow Angels

Just run outdoors (all bundled up, of course) and jump into the snow.  No equipment needed.  Lay on your back and wave the legs and arms.   Big arms!  Get up and see what you have made.  Kids will stay outdoors for at least an hour walking around, making snow angels, and exploring.

Build a Snowman

Engage your children’s imagination by making their own Frosty.  Wet snow is often the best, to help it stick together.  Siblings of all ages can work together to roll the snowman together.  Be creative!

Make a snow fort

Instead of legos, have your little minds build a snow fort.  How fun!  Put the snow into a pile and slowly dig it out.  Watch this video, made by a kid, to find out how it’s done.  Hours and hours of creativity and budding engineering.  Lots of digging.  Lots of exercise.

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