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FOOD  | 4.10.18  |  by Julie Rhodins

If your children skips breakfast, research shows that there is loss in brain function, less awakeness, and less concentration.  Their bodies have been fasting from food and water since the evening before.  And their brains and bodies need a boost of healthy energy and water the next morning to get going — and do well in school.  There’s a lot of reasons why kids don’t get breakfast in the morning.  Some of it, unfortunately, is a poverty issue.  But for the rest of us, it’s a matter of habit and good time management.  You can make it super easy and empower your children to have breakfast everyday.  Here are our easy breakfast ideas for kids.

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Have Breakfast Food On Hand

We’re talking the grab and go kind.  Things that your kids don’t need you for in the morning.  They can feed themselves.  For example —

  • low-sugar yogurt
  • bananas and other fresh fruits
  • whole grain raisin bread (be careful of store-bought muffins because they can contain a lot fat)
  • nuts
  • cereal and milk (look for cereals that are fortified, have lower sugar, and more fiber — whole milk is also recommended)
  • quick oats or overnight oats
  • whole grain pancakes (there’s the frozen kind that you can pop into the toaster, or you can make ahead on your own)
  • boiled egg

The important thing to teach your kids is to combine the carbs with protein.  For example, if they just eat pancakes and juice, there’s very little protein (if any) to slow all those carbs down in the digestion.   But, by adding yogurt or a boiled egg or a glass of milk, you can even out the energy so that it lasts until lunch (instead just for a couple of hours).

Additional Simple Ideas (with mom’s help)

If your children need a little coaxing or you want to be more hands on, we love these super simple breakfast ideas from Ciara Attwell.  And what great presentations!!  Healthy too.