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Why can it be so hard to get your family to eat more vegetables?  There’s a lot of blame that seems to go around — from conditioning ourselves to only like sweets and pasta, to not training our children to like the taste of veggies.  Okay.  Enough complicated guilt.  The point is that we can so something quick and easy right now that has been shown effective to getting us all to eat more vegetables.

Learn the one simple trick to eating more vegetables  

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One Simple Proven Way to Eat More Vegetables

The most effective way to eating more vegetables is to eat them alone, says Professor Traci Mann from the University of Minnesota who is also author of “Secrets from the Eating Lab.”

She said that in her research with kids that if you put veggies with other things they like more, they will avoid the veggies and each the mac n’ cheese, pizza, or whatever else is on the plate.  The best solution with children was to feed them an appetizer or snack of vegetables, like baby carrots, before the main meal.   Children ate the veggies because they were 1) hungry and 2) there wasn’t anything else competing against the vegetables.

How Moms Can Set Aside Veggies (and make it more fun)

We like this idea, especially for children.  Here are some tips on how you can “set aside” your veggies as a solo opportunity — eat them alone.

  • After-school snack: a perfect time for a limited food moment.  Kids are hungry too.  Baby carrots, celery with no-sugar peanut butter (with no palm oil), baby tomatoes, cucumber spears with a bit of salt, broccoli with fat-free ranch dressing.
  • Salads before meals: you can be so creative with making small salads to eat before your main entree.  We love these kid friendly salad ideas from

Recipe for “Super Crunchy Caesar Salad



Recipe for “Cucumber Crocodiles and Veggie Necklaces



Recipe for “Rainbow Salad Wraps



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