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Image Courtesy: The Kids’ Picture Show YouTube video on how to pick apples.

Fall is one of our favorite seasons.  Leaves blow in the wind.  You can feel the change in the weather.  Outdoors are still fun, especially on weekends.  The kids are back in school.  Change.

One thing we love to do with our children is to enjoy the fall harvest.  We’ve picked five of the most common fall-time produce and given you easy-to-use ideas.

Read on for tips and ideas on how to enjoy the fall harvest with kids  

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Go Apple Picking

We love taking our kids to nearby farms to pick produce.  This might not be the cheapest apple you ever bought, but teaching your children about farms, that they can learn to harvest, and enjoying time outdoors … it’s all worth it. and are great sites for finding local apple farms (try to go to one that doesn’t spray pesticides or is organic).  You can also type in the words “apple,” “farm,” and the name of your area or city into Google, and you’ll likely have some additional options.

And while you’re at it, here’s how to make an easy apple pie with all those apples you bring home.

We love this cute video that teaches you and your children how to pick a ripe apple.  Yum!


Make a Peach Crisp

You don’t have to go camping with an iron deep dish to enjoy a simple peach crisp or peach cobbler.  And kids love peaches!

Here’s a recipe from for a simple Peach Crisp recipe that won’t take all night.  Just 10 minutes to prep.  Plus it’s gluten free!

Peach crisp with gluten free oats by nykyinen

Peach crisp with gluten free oats by nykyinen

Enjoy Organic Corn on the Cob

Nothing says fall harvest like corn.  It’s easier to eat with some cute corn holders.

And corn on the cob couldn’t be easier to make.  Just 3-4 minutes in boiling water (after you have taken off the husks and removed as much corn silk strands as you can — have the kids help you!).  Here’s a short video on how to do it, with some additional serving tips —

Join a Hay Ride keeps track of where you can go in your area for hay rides, corn mazes, fall festivals, and pick-your-own pumpkins. keeps track of where you can go in your area for hay rides, corn mazes, fall festivals, and pick-your-own pumpkins.

A lot of farms need extra income to make ends meet.  And they do it by opening up their farm for tours, hay rides, and corn mazes.  Hay rides are such a great activity.

It’s still part of the fall harvest, as you can often purchase produce at the farm while you are there.  Maybe take some pictures of horses and goats.  Plus you get to see the farm and smell like hay!


Bring a Pear on a Fall Hike

Pack a picnic or snack, and bring along a fall harvest pear.  Take a short walk or hike with your children, preferably where you can see some changing leaves.

To see the change of the seasons with changing leaves is a wondrous childhood memory.

Pick up some fallen leaves and make an easy leaf wreath with a paper plate when you get home.

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