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One of the newest food trends we’re seeing as we move into 2017 is overnight oats.  It’s a throwback to old-school breakfast, but with the grab-and-go mentality.  We love this trend at SMG!  It’s so simple to take 5 minutes and prep your oatmeal before bed.  It can be a healthy addition to your morning routine, even if you’re on the run.

 Read on for simple ways to make overnight oats  

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Here’s a quick tutorial for overnight oats

The basic premise is that it used to be that if you wanted home-cooked oats you’d have to make extra time in the morning to cook them.  But who has 15-20 minutes to spare in a morning rush?

Instead, just put equal parts old-fashioned oats (not the quick-cook kind) and water in a mason jar (or any container), with a pinch of salt.  Cover.  And put in the refrigerator overnight.  It’s ready in the morning.  No cooking needed.

Don’t forget the protein factor

If you’re not going to add protein to the basic oatmeal recipe above, then you need to add it later on as a topping.  That’s so you have a balanced meal and can sustain your energy through the morning.

Two protein options:

  • Protein after – if you like heated oatmeal:  Combine the oats, water, and pinch of salt and then heat up in the morning.  After which, you add the toppings which also include protein as the topping (like yogurt, milk, nuts, etc.).  Safety note: If you’re using glass containers, don’t heat up the oatmeal in the same glass container you used in the refrigerator.  It could crack due to the rapid change in temperature.
  • Protein before – if you like cold oatmeal:  Many recipes will have you put the oatmeal and chia seeds along with some type of milk (almond, soy, dairy — not water) at the bottom of the jar, with the toppings (like fruit) at the top of the jar.  The chia seeds and milk are built into the concoction as your protein.  You put it all in the refrigerator overnight and pull it out ready to go in the morning.

No matter which way you choose, you can always use a grab-and-go Thermos Foogo to keep the oatmeal hot or cold if you’re on the run.

Protein toppings ideas

There are so many!  Here are some easy protein-rich pairings if you like to heat your plain oatmeal:

  • yogurt and blueberries
  • raisins and organic coconut palm sugar with walnuts
  • soy milk (to the consistency you desire) and raspberries
  • almonds, dates, and diced apples
  • strawberries, honey, and cottage cheese

More ideas in the how-to videos below — enjoy!

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