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FOOD  |  10.18.18  |  by Gia Dolney

Halloween signals the launch of a lot more sugar in your child’s diet … usually lasting through New Years.  Most moms try to hold it back.  But there’s so much.  From school, from church, from family, and, of course, Trick or Treating.  Moms are relegated to disposing of Halloween candy at night and not owning up to it the next day (sorry, the secret’s out moms), just to get it out of the house.  But we’d like to suggest that there are healthier Halloween treats.  Who says you can’t have fun, do it fast, and enjoy the holidays?!  We say, go DIY and make it better.

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5 DIY Healthier Halloween Treats

This video is from WhatsUpMoms and includes —

  • Halloween Sandwiches: you use Halloween cookie cutters and frozen bread to make the shapes, then just peanut butter and jelly if you want to make it quick
  • Banana Ghosts: a few chocolate chips and a popsicle stick, plus the banana
  • Clementine Jack O’ Lanterns: small tangerines or Clementines with the stem made of a snap pea or cut celery
  • Apple Mouths: an apple, small marshmallows, and peanut butter
  • Scary Eggs: You’ll need hard-boiled eggs, both green (with pimento) and black olives, and some hummus.  Two options: the egg is made to look like an eye with the green olive, or spider egg with the black olives

Witches Fingers 

This video is from Jamie Oliver’s Family Food Channel —

  • Witches Fingers: basically these are DIY trail bars shaped as fingers.  You’ll need a food processor.  Ingredients include cashews, walnuts, dates, coconut oil, vanilla extract, cacao powder, almond slivers (flaked almonds)

Bloody Cups, Zombie Eyes, and Frankenstein Avocado Toast

These are from Cooking with Liv!!

  • Bloody Cups: You’ll need just two ingredients — raspberries and chocolate.  It’s best to use silicone molds like these — plus, you can reuse these molds over and over to reduce paper waste.
  • Zombie Eyes: Lychee fruit, blueberries, red food coloring (vegan options), spinach, green apple, chia seeds, almond milk
  •  Frankenstein Avocado Toast: avocado, bread for toast, seaweed sheets, blueberries, stick preztels, tomato, cheese

This post is an update from the original on 10/17/16.

This is an update from a 10/17/16 post.