EVERYDAY HOME  | 11.27.17  |  by Gia Dolney

The holiday rush is upon us, but we still have to do everything else too.  Don’t you love it!!  When you have kids in tow, everyone gets a little more tired and cranky.  So, here are some quick tips on how to keep you and the kiddies sane, while still getting all your holiday errands and fun to-do’s completed.

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Get In Your Exercise — But With Help

The holidays often have us trading in routines for the extra holiday stuff.  But this is how people get overstressed and lower their immune system.

To keep up your health, many fitness facilities offer kiddie sitting while you get in your exercise.  If you opt for a quick 30-minute circuit of high-intensity workouts (we like our 7-minute HIT app!), and a bit of strategic stretching and strengthening — then it can be a nice break for mom and kids.  Alternatively, mom and dad can trade off at night to give each other a break.

Some fitness places also offer fit clubs for kids, like the Rush Copley Healthplex in Aurora, Illinois.  The Healthplex offers a Discovery Club and lots of fun fitness options for every aged child.

Talk With Your Spouse About Holiday Commitments

Two heads are often better than one.  And this is no surprise when it comes to holiday planning.  Talk over with your spouse about all the upcoming parties, to-do’s, gift lists, and visiting.  See if it’s too much or if there are conflicting dates.

Look for ways to minimize commitments so that there’s downtime with the family, home time to do fun at-home traditions, and less running around.  You can also coordinate together when it makes sense to go out with the kids versus when parents can trade off to give the other parent an easier time to run around and get things done.

Consider a One-Day, Get-It-All-Done Day

Here’s an idea — bundle all your holiday tasks that would be best without kids and get it all done in a day.  Bring along your spouse, to make it go even faster (and sneak in a date lunch while you’re at it!!).  The only thing you need is an all-day babysitter.

There are a few ways you can find a babysitter.  The trusted sitter is one, who comes to your house.  Next, the budget friendly way is to do an all-day trade with your friends and their kids — that way everyone shares in the pain and joy of it all; one Saturday you get your turn, and the next Saturday you switch.

You could also look into places that take your kids for several hours — you won’t get the whole day, but at least it’s a big chunk of time.  Here’s the Raising Edmonton parent blog that lists ideas which could be similar to your own area … just really be careful with ratings and what are their ratios, age limitations, background checks, etc.