FOOD  |  11.17.15  |  by Julie Rhodins

Photo Courtesy: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

Photo Courtesy: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

You may have heard of the ‘Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2015.’  Heavy rains hit the U.S. sugar pumpkin crop which caused a major crop loss.   But, no fear.  Sweet potatoes are here!

Sweet potatoes bring a lot to the table as far as nutrition. Not only do these spuds offer more fiber and protein than a pumpkin, they dominate in the Vitamin C and A departments too,” said Kelly McIver, Executive Director of the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.  Pumpkins, apparently, need a lot more added ingredients to make them as tasty as sweet potatoes.  So we see this as a ‘great sweet potato opportunity’ to open up more recipe ideas and do a Thanksgiving swap — especially when it comes to pie!

Read on for ideas on for 3 wonderfully tasty sweet potato pie recipes  

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Make Sweet Potato Pie

There are lots of recipes for sweet potato pie, instead of pumpkin pie.  And sweet potatoes are found in abundance.  The bonus is that sweet potatoes are easier to manage than pumpkins, especially if you’re wanting to make a pie all from scratch.  Here’s three recipes to dazzle your family and friends with sweet potato pie.

This Old-Fashioned Sliced Sweet Potato Pie recipe is a more chunky version because you don’t puree the sweet potatoes — certainly makes for a faster-made pie.

Photo: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

Photo: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

You may have also heard about the Patti Pie?  Officially it’s called the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie, and it’s found at WalMart.  Well, long story short, a fan of this pie posted a video about how much he loved it, and the video went viral.  This resulted in a shortage of Patti Pies at WalMart.  But no worries.  You can make your own.  Check out this wonderful story from the Washington Post about how to make your own Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie — no WalMart needed — it comes with the recipe and tips.  Beautiful pie.

Finally, here’s a short video from LeGourmetTV for “Gran’s Old South Sweet Potato Pie Recipe.”  It’s a scrumptious pie topped with pecans.  We love the tips in the video that show how to make it in a simple and easy way, plus you don’t have to make a pie crust top.  Enjoy!