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Sweet potatoes bring a lot to the table as far as nutrition.  You get a ton of Vitamins C and A, plus protein and fiber.  And the holidays are the perfect for using sweet potatoes — whether in pies or dishes.  Kids love them.  And you don’t need to add as much sugar as pumpkin to get everyone interested in sweet potatoes.  Here’s some fun sweet potato recipes ideas to get you going!

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Make Sweet Potato Pie

There are lots of recipes for sweet potato pie, instead of pumpkin pie.  And sweet potatoes are found in abundance.  The bonus is that sweet potatoes are easier to manage than pumpkins, especially if you’re wanting to make a pie all from scratch.  Here’s three unique sweet potato recipes to dazzle your family and friends with sweet potato pie.  And kids will love just how great they taste.

This Old-Fashioned Sliced Sweet Potato Pie recipe is a more chunky version because you don’t puree the sweet potatoes — certainly makes for a faster-made pie.

Photo: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

Photo: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

Here’s a short video from LeGourmetTV for “Gran’s Old South Sweet Potato Pie Recipe.”  It’s a scrumptious pie topped with pecans.  We love the tips in the video that show how to make it in a simple and easy way, plus you don’t have to make a pie crust top.  Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Fries

When it comes to savory sweet potato recipes, sweet potato fries are a big hit with the kids.  You pack in a lot of nutrition with these two baked sweet potato fries recipes.  Easy add to meals and also to munch on with the whole family if you’re sitting around watching sports, holiday movies, or making a fall leaf craft.  You can create bonding moments with your kids by combining food and activities together (our article here about how to spend more quality time with your kids).

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Easy Sweet Potato Pancakes

And we end off with three healthy sweet potato recipes — sweet potato pancakes!!  Why not pack more nutrition into your pancakes??  Plus you get a sweeter taste without a bunch of extra sugar.  Take a look.

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