FOOD  | 3.20.20  |  by Julie Rhodins

Want to have some quick, healthy breakfast muffins on hand?  With families working from home and juggling home schooling and everything else, here’s a quick way to prep a healthy breakfast ahead of time with a veggie egg muffin.  Get in those veggies!!

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Here’s How To Easily Make Your Veggie Egg Muffin

Do this five-minute veggie egg muffin recipe on a moment’s notice — or even in advance the night before.  You can also think of these as healthy breakfast egg cups.

It takes just five minutes to whip up these easy egg muffins in a batch and put them in the oven.  There’s very little mess.  Set the timer on your smart phone while you do something else, and voila!  There it is!

You need eggs and veggies.  For this example, we’ve got some organic eggs, orange and red bell peppers, red onion, and organic spinach.  Avoid the really watery veggies like tomatoes  because they will change your recipe consistency and will mess up the baking — too much liquid.

Do A Quick Bit of Chopping And Mix It Up

We’ve got five eggs in here with all the veggies chopped up, plus a dash of milk, salt, and pepper.  You could also put in some garlic power if you like.  If you have cilantro on hand, that would be great too.  Make it your own with your own family’s tastes.  Whip it all up and pour into greased muffin pans — just 3/4 full, please (because as the muffins cook they expand up).  We used a stainless steel muffin tin with olive oil spray.  Heat up your oven to 350°F.  Bake for 20-30 minutes — check at 20 minutes to see if the center is cooked with a toothpick (or just eyeball it!).

This batch made us about 7 veggie egg muffins with this recipe.  We ate some right away – yum!!!!  And put the rest in the fridge in our non-toxic, see-thru Pyrex glass storage container.

Bonus Tip!  Pack them in the refrigerator for a few days and pull them out in a rush, heat up, and serve in an instant with some fresh fruit or tomatoes and whole grain bread.  Theprotein punch will get you through until lunch, and the veggies will fill you up with lots of nutrients.

And if you’re looking to prep ahead with snacks for the at-home crowd, here’s a recipe for make-at-home granola — you can put a lot of nutrition in this snack.