HEALTHY LIVING  | 7.25.16  |  by Terra Wellington

Kids at school lunch table for back to school simple healthy tips

With summer vacation coming to a close, it’s time to think about how moms and dads will make a successful transition to back to school. Gone will be the flexible schedule, and homework and sports will begin. One of the annual concerns is keeping kids well and eating right with this quick-pace schedule.  So we thought we’d give you some back-to-school simple healthy tips to start you off on the right foot.  Enjoy!

Read on for back-to-school simply healthy tips  

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Be Smart with Snacking and Meals

It seems like when school starts, the family is more “on the go.”  The challenge is to manage good nutrition with a fast-paced family lifestyle.

For example, if you mix proteins with fruit, veggies, and grains then you can reduce hunger and help sustain your energy.

A high-protein example is Jarlsberg cheese, which has a unique, 60-year Norway heritage and is made with the same original recipe that makes it the only cheese of it’s kind.

And here’s some ideas on how to use it because of it’s mild and nutty flavor:

So there’s a lot of easy ways you can use it!


Waffle Grilled Cheese easily made with out-of-the-box Belgian waffles and Jarlsberg cheese.  Image Courtesy: Jarlsberg

Pack the School Lunch

When it comes to the school lunch, packing your child’s lunch gives you more control over what your child eats.

This includes putting a variety of foods in your child’s lunch so your child gets needed fiber, fruits, and veggies.

You can also send extra snacks with your child to school. Especially if your child has sports or an after-school activity.  Think “protein plus fruit or veggie” for these extra snacks.

For example, check out the super yummy Beanitos Mac N’ Cheese Crunch snacks.  These are bean-based and packed with protein and fiber.  They are also certified gluten and corn free with no artificial ingredients.  Check out the easy-to-use snack packs for convenience.


Image Courtesy: Beanitos

Stay Hydrated for School Success

Staying hydrated during the day is really important for kids and adults.

The National Hydration Council says that mental function and attention is better when adults and kids are more hydrated.

Also, the recently released U.S. Dietary Guidelines say we should drink more water instead of sugary drinks.

For a cost-effective way to provide great-tasting water from home, you can look into the new I MAVEA MicroDisc Filter.   It reduces contaminants like chlorine and chloramine from your tap water.  And the small filter reduces plastic waste – a huge environmental plus!

And you can use the filter in a lot of ways — like their stylish pitcher, carafe, or water bottle.  It’s great-tasting and clean water for home or on-the-go at school.


Image: Mavea

If your children are in school sports, you want to make sure they drink enough water.  Here’s a link to more tips on helping your child to avoid dehydration during school sports.

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