HEALTHY LIVING  | 8.11.20  |  by Terra Wellington

back to school tips for the whole family

It’s that time of year for parents to gear up for kids returning to school. And whether it’s online school, homeschooling, or sending your child to a regular campus, health and wellness is on everyone’s mind. Parents are looking for ways they can take care of themselves and their family. We have some back to school tips for healthy habits, nutrition, and all that screen time.  

This post is sponsored by Tom’s of Maine, Enfagrow, and Zenni.

Keep Up With Healthy Habits

One of our first back to school tips is to get regular sleep. This can help us de-stress and have energy for each day. Also, set up regular exercise for you and your children, especially if kids aren’t having recess or P.E. at school.

And, be sure to keep up with simple oral health, such as brushing and flossing. But sometimes kids might need a little extra motivation.

One of the leading natural toothpaste companies, Tom’s of Maine, has a great-tasting kids toothpaste called Silly StrawberryIt can make brushing fun, with a delicious real fruit flavor that kids love.

And it’s made with 100 percent naturally derived ingredients. The tube is recyclable, which is a huge plus.  And it’s available in fluoride and fluoride free, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Look for High Nutrition Options

It can certainly be easy to be snacking a lot when everyone is home more. You can have snacks on hand with higher nutritional value.

For example, you can display seasonal fruits on the kitchen counter. And those can be eaten for snacks and meals.

For toddlers, sometimes they can be picky eaters.  And the first three years are crucial in a child’s life, and poor nutrition could have lasting effects. Especially, if your little one isn’t getting enough vitamins and nutrients like iron and DHA for brain development, and vitamin D for bone growth.

In fact, studies found that children who were iron insufficient during their first year exhibited cognitive and socioemotional developmental impairments by the age of five.

So one thing you can do for toddlers age 1-to-3 is close the nutritional gap with something like Enfagrow. It’s a toddler nutritional drink that provides brain-building DHA, iron, vitamins, and prebiotics. And it supports growth with as much iron as two gallons of milk. It’s easy to use and gives parents peace of mind.

Make Good Choices With Your Eye Health

This school year, many students will be spending more time than ever in front of screens and digital devices.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry says that while screen time has increased at home due to COVID, parents should still try to encourage non-screen time activities. As one of our back to school tips, you can try household chores, traditional book reading, and getting outdoors.

Now, for that screen time — you can protect your children’s eyes with blue-light blocking glasses. Because studies have shown that blue light, which comes from digital screens, can cause eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eye, and interrupted sleep.

Zenni has some great solutions for you. They have over 300 styles of children’s affordable glasses, with frames starting at $6.95 — even for toddlers.

This includes their blue-light-blocking glasses called “Blokz,” which can be added to any lens to help absorb blue light.

And their Trivex feature makes the glasses impact resistant — which is really great for active kids! 

back to school tips include blue light blocking glasses from Zenni