HEALTHY LIVING  |12.26.17  |  by Terra Wellington

About 70 percent of all of us who made resolutions last year actually accomplished what we said we would do.  So if you are going to vow to make a change for 2018, here are three success factors that can help you meet your goals.  After all, we’re looking to make better New Years resolutions.

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1. Be specific

The more specific you are about your goals, the easier it will be to target what you need to do.  For example, if you’re going to lose weight, make it specific.  So instead of saying “I’m going to be thin again” … actually decide the specific goal, like “lose 20 pounds.”  And then be specific about what you’re doing each month to make it happen.  Calendar it out.

2. Share Your Goals

Another common success tactic is to share your goals. It’s the accountability factor.  Once other people know what you’re trying to do, you psychologically feel the need to follow through.  The advice at Forbes is well taken —

Yes, it takes some personal courage and vulnerability to share something that you might actually fail at, but to dramatically increase your odds of success you’ll want support from those around you.

3. Have more flexibility

This isn’t about procrastinating but rather getting up again when you fall short – or when life gets in the way.  It’s about seeking excellence, rather than perfection.  This is an important mindshift.  Because that means flexibility is built into our plans.  It means we can embrace failure as a way to learn.  It means we prioritize progress and improvement instead of being unforgiving about ourselves.

4. Develop more grit

Grit is actually a predictor of success. It means you persevere for the long term.  Grit actually can bring you more success in many ways than IQ or some resources.  Because it means you’re determined, even if you have significant obstacles.  Here is a great TED talk about grit.

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