HEALTHY LIVING  | 2.12.17  |  by Gia Dolney

One of the easiest ways we get our kids to eat more fruits is by putting them on display.  That’s right.  Just put them in pretty bowls on the kitchen counter and place no limits on when or how much you eat.  Seasonal, pretty colors, organic and amazingly delicious — this sets the stage to remind our kids (without even trying) that eating healthy is a yummy thing to do.  Here are some easy fruit display ideas to get your family going.

 Read on for easy fruit display ideas  

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Our Favorite Fruit Display Bowls

A simple fruit display for a small family that makes use of vertical space.  DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger, Bronze ($14.97)

The woven accent of this fruit bowl adds a design element.  The wired bottom allows for airflow to help prevent fruit decay.  mDesign Fruit Bowl for Kitchen Countertops – Bronze ($14.99)

This is a Tuscany-inspired bowl that also comes in a muted green color.  Tuscany Fleur De Lis Pedestal Fruit Bowl Color: Yellow ($29.99)

With a handle at the top, this is a double-tiered fruit bowl that you can easily take back and forth from the counter to the table — enticing family members with a variety of fruits.  Just make sure the fruits are washed before the grab-and-eat at the table.  Deluxe cream fruit basket ($19.68)

Bamboo is a trendy and modern look right now.  We love this unexpected square design.  Bamboo Large Square Fruit or Salad Bowl natural color ($18.99)

Here’s another article about pairing pretty fruit bowls with seasonal and local produce.

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