HEALTHY LIVING  | 10.3.18  |  by Terra Wellington

With shorter days, crisper air, and colorful leaves, fall is the perfect time to readjust to a new season and give your health and lifestyle a fresh boost.  We’ve got some easy tips and ideas for your fall family wellness!

This post is sponsored by Culturelle, Mucinex, UnitedHealthcare, and Night Drivers.

Support your fall lifestyle with healthy choices

During this time of the year we have more high-fat comfort foods, holiday candy, and the stress of juggling kids, school, work, home, and holiday events.  For women, these things can throw digestive and immune systems out of whack, which can also affect feminine health.

A helpful solution is probiotics from Culturelle because they are formulated with LGG, which is short for Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. And LGG is a probiotic strain that is safe, proven, and effective.  Also, the company’s new Women’s Healthy Balance product contains a blend of probiotic strains specifically designed for feminine health.

Tips for the cold and flu season

The CDC says last year’s flu season was the first season to be classified as high severity across all age groups. Now that this cold and flu season just started, it’s important to be prepared.

Talk to your doctor about this year’s flu prevention recommendations. Also, consistent hand-washing helps.  And you can help your immune system with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

But if you do get sick – Mucinex just launched its Cold and Flu All in One which combats nine symptoms – including sore throat, headache, cough, nasal congestion, fever, body pain, sinus pressure, and sinus congestion.

Helps for keeping up your fall exercising

Brisk walking is a great fall exercise that can bring tremendous health benefits like reducing stress, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

And if you’re a member of UnitedHealthcare Motion’s wearable device program, you can use its “Walk It Off” initiative starting October 2018 to obtain an Apple Watch — you just make an initial payment and then pay off the rest by meeting daily walking goals.  You can earn more than $1,000 a year in rewards just by walking with this program – and this can improve your health and reduce medical expenses.

Photo Courtesy: UnitedHealthcare

Take these simple steps for dealing with less sunshine

With fall, the skies get darker earlier, and you also have more weather conditions like fog and rain. This can make driving home from work or kids’ after-school activities more dangerous and stressful.

A safety help is from Night Drivers – these are yellow-tinted lenses for all drivers.  They enhance contrast and clarity of what you see, and they help prevent glare with an anti-reflective coating.  You can wear them alone or over prescription glasses.

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