HEALTHY LIVING  |  11.13.18  |  by Julie Rhodins

As we move into winter, many families start to stay indoors more.  But kids need a break from being indoors at school.  And simply taking the time to get some fresh air, away from devices and TV, is key to relationship building and learning how to balance your life.  Here are 5 simple family outdoor activities for winter.

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Take Your Dog For A Walk

It depends on where you live as to how much you’d have to bundle up, but taking the dog for a walk or run is a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air.  If you can do it in the early morning when you get sunshine, even better.  Our bodies need the bright light of the sun even more during the winter for health and energy reasons.

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Go Sledding

Those of you who live near hills with snow can make weekend sledding a family tradition.  Even the local city park, if there’s a hill, can be a fun couple of hours of outdoor time.

Make sure your kids stay hydrated.  Sledding can burn tons of calories as family treks up the hill several times to sled down.  You can have hot cocoa, hot cider, or even just water available.  You’ll want to encourage hydration breaks just like during the summer.

Also use sunscreen.  The reflection of the sun on the snow can cause face burns real fast.

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Take Pictures of Winter

This is a great excuse to get outdoors when there’s still a bit of sunshine.  Kids will love taking photos with their smartphone (or borrowed from parents).  You can study a big of basic photography composition and learn about different phone apps.

If you have a digital camera, what a great way to help your children take up a creative hobby by learning about the camera and identifying photo opportunities.

You and your children can turn the pictures into gifts for friends and family, maybe even framing a couple for your home or the children’s room.

Build a Snow Fort

On a sunny winter weekend, engage the family’s imagination by building a snow fort in your backyard.  If your child is into engineering, he or she could also build an igloo (just make sure there’s roof support for safety).

Enjoy a Winter Picnic

If you live in frigid winter areas, this hardly sounds like a possibility.  But if you live in areas that get more intense summer heat, the wintertime tends to be fairly mild.  And this is the best time for an outdoor picnic.  For example, the Phoenix, Arizona area finds wintertime to be an exceptionally great time for outdoor activities due to the mild weather.  Take advantage of the change in weather this time of year to explore parks, nature areas, and camping which would be less comfortable to do in the summer.

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