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In the BBC documentary entitled “The Age of Loneliness,” the reasons people are lonely are explored.  You can be any age, practically any situation, and still be lonely.  We liked the idea that there were some key components, however, that were brought up about how to combat loneliness.  A lot of moms, especially at-home moms, can feel lonely.  You’re surrounded by kids, but that doesn’t solve the loneliness.  We thought we would give you some food for thought in how to find the happy in your loneliness.  Sometimes it can be easy.  Sometimes it takes a little effort.  But a few simple things can really help.

Read on for important tips to combat loneliness  

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Finding a way to get out of the house or away from work and volunteer is one of the top ways to fight loneliness.  It helps you to look beyond yourself and interact with others.

You can look for service opportunities through your local church congregation or a local food pantry.  You can also utilize service databases to search for opportunities — here’s a few:

Talk to Someone

If you can create a support network for yourself by regularly talking with others, you’ll likely feel less lonely.  Talk to other moms at a kids play group.  Organize family get togethers.  Call up friends or family on a rotating basis to touch base and just chat.  Notice that many of these ideas are outside of a work environment so you can be more free and more personal without worrying about work politics.

Schedule a Regular Class or Meetup Group

It helps to have a weekly event to look forward to, like a class or meetup group.  Just make sure you can have social interaction at that event.  Maybe an adult ballet class (yes! they often tend to be quite social as well as the exercise).  Or a hiking meetup group.  Perhaps a pottery or art class where you can talk, learn, and draw.

Do Family History

There is a great deal of satisfaction in connecting with your ancestors.  If you are spiritually minded, many also say they can feel their ancestors with them in a comforting way by working on their stories and putting family trees together.  Family history is known to help boost your self confidence and give you purpose.  It also gives you a reason to reach out to your family and share what you have learned, promoting storytelling among all family members.  A joyful experience.  Family history websites to help you:

Exercise Outdoors

Okay, this may not include interacting with people — unless you bring a friend or spouse along — but being outdoors has tremendous ability to boost your energy and reduce your stress.  The more you can see green landscape, the better.  But even if you’re in an urban space, it can be quite helpful.  It gets you out of your home or workspace and clears the mind.

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