Healthy New Year: Make smaller goals for success

HEALTHY LIVING  |  12.24.15  |  by Terra Wellington

Just as soon as the holidays leave us, we enter a New Year.  Bam!  That means a lot of talk about goals for success — on news programs, magazine, blogs!, everywhere.  For some, goal making is an opportunity.  For others, it’s a stressful experience.  For all, it’s a reminder to reconcile the past with the present … and look to the future.  What will be your New Year’s goals?

We at Simple Mom’s Guide love the idea of smaller goals that bring accomplishment.  We’re not taking ourselves off the hook, but it’s a bit of thinking like Gary Keller’s The ONE Thing approach (the idea of focusing on priorities) combined with the practicalities of busyness that parenting really is.  Bottom line: we’d like you to simplify your goals.  And we’ve got some ideas for you.

Read on for healthy New Year goal ideas (the simpler kind)  

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Give Each Month a Focus

A lot of us want to be healthier and feel better, but the topic can seem so large. So big to tackle.  But an easy way to make it feel more manageable and fun is to simply make 12 smaller goals – one for each month of the year – that all point toward helping you to be healthier.

So, maybe in January you will focus on “eat smaller portions” with your meals. In February, it could be “find a workout buddy.” In March, it might be “eat a healthy breakfast every day.” These things are simple, but the point is they are doable, they have impact, and they will make you healthier — which is what you want.

Check out an easy template at which shows you how you can structure this month-to-month idea.  A portion of that template is shown here:


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Make It About Numbers

If you’re a stat person and like to see numbers results, then this exercise-by-the-numbers idea from is for you.  It’s a simple way of breaking down a big goal (lose weight or tone up) into achievable numbers and smaller milestones.

You say that you need to burn “X” amount of calories per day, and then you figure out what physical activity you need to do to meet that number.  Once you’ve done the task, you know you’re done. And that’s the simplicity of it — knowing that you’re done.  Instead of guess work.

Moms are pressed for time, so being able to schedule it in and know for a fact that it’s going to get results is a stress reliever.


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Meal Plan With Veggies

One of the tough things about getting everyone in the family to eat better is the variety of tastes, difficulty in controlling portions, and the on-the-go lifestyle.  We have found that making a simple goal to eat more veggies seems to solve a lot of these issues.  And the way to do it is with meal planning.

Just plan 5-7 days of dinner meals each week, and try to pack a lot of veggies in each meal.  That’s it.

Add more veggie sides, veggie entrees, veggie finger foods.  Wherever you can fit it in.   You can even post the menu on the refrigerator with a cute restaurant-style magnet board. Here’s some go-to resources for your veggie meal planning: