HEALTHY LIVING  | 10.3.17  |  by Julie Rhodins

While many schools and teachers will talk about bullying this fall, SMG wants to encourage parents to see the home as the first line of defense.  It’s important to know how to talk to your kids about bullying.  And so we’ve compiled some tips and resources for you.  We’d love to hear about what has worked in teaching your children to be kind (leading by example is always a good strategy) and what your schools are doing to encourage respect, inclusion, and kindness.

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What does a non-bullying environment feel like?

We love the anti-bullying tips at  One idea, in particular, is to explain to your children what a school environment feels like when there’s no bullying.

A school can have a certain feeling about it. It should feel like a place where everyone is respected and where everyone is safe. You can help make it that way by accepting and supporting others. Let people know that you are not interested in bashing anyone for any reason — not because they’re fat, poor, gay, short, or anything. You are interested in being friendly and kind. You are all about creating a good mood.

Here’s a video about being an “upstander” — standing up against bullying.