HEALTHY LIVING  | 3.26.20  |  by Gia Dolney

If your children need to stay indoors, cabin fever can set in.  There’s a lot of unused energy that begs for play.  So we’ve put together some fun indoor active play ideas to keep your children active, and keep you sane.

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Get Your Child Exercising Through A Scavenger Hunt

The American Heart Association has an example of using an indoor scavenger hunt to get your children moving — this is more fun for kids who know how to read.

Indoor active play ideas with an indoor scavenger hunt

Remember Hopscotch?  Do It Indoors

Most parents remember doing hopscotch outdoors, perhaps with a chalk outline on a sidewalk.  But it can easily be done indoors with some masking tape — even masking tape on carpet.

Check out this short video of a hopscotch-er doing yo-yo at the same time!  A workout for mind and muscles.

Indoor active play ideas with hopscotch

Get on That Hopper

For more indoor active play ideas, remember the hopper?  Children will hop around the house for an hour or two on a hopper.  It burns tons of calories and engages the imagination.  Even if a TV is on, you’ll find that kids get up and go a lot with a hopper.  Better yet, turn on some music while you clean house, and your child will hop around the whole time!

Indoor active play ideas with a hopper

Hedstrom Flower Hopper, 18 inch (Amazon, $18.16) — also comes in different designs like dinosaurs, monsters, flowers, and hearts and butterflies

Explore in Play Tents

We’re talking not just a tent where you sit, but ones that have tunnels and play balls.  Here are several that engage physical movement, play, and imagination.

Homfu 3 in 1 Pop up Tunnel Tent for Kids Play Indoor Outdoor for Children Toddler Boys Girls As Toy Crawl Play Tent (Amazon, $40.99)

Playz 3pc Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel and Ball Pit Pop Up Playhouse Tent with Basketball Hoop for Girls, Boys, Babies, and Toddlers for Indoor and Outdoor Use with Pink Carrying Case (Amazon, $34.95)

Kids Play Tent Ball Pits (Amazon, $49.99). This picture doesn’t show it, but you purchase the balls separately to fill up the two tented areas. Another picture at Amazon shows the balls flowing through the tunnels as a fun activity. Lots of imaginative play.  Purchase the play balls separately.