HEALTHY LIVING  | 6.3.15 |  by Terra Wellington

Photo Credit: Let’s Move Campaign

We were inspired to reconsider our workouts once we saw the Michelle Obama Workout Video aka “#GimmeFive Flotus-Style.”  One of the most important takeaways we got was that it doesn’t matter your age, you can do a little more to be fit.  She looked healthy and energetic.  What a great health-focused role model.  And we liked her trainer’s tip of mixing up your workout — this was the most important piece of inspiration for us!  Boredom is one of the most common causes of fall out from an exercise program.  It’s more fun when everything is new.  But if you do the same cycle at the gym every day, it’s hard to find the joy. So break it up! 

Go with the exercise that moves you that day.  Have a bunch of possibilities: hiking, yoga, walk in the neighborhood, exercise video, playing at the park with your kids, weight lifting day.  Make the list long, and you’ll be lean.  You can also read our post on the 3 things moms need for a simple workout and why getting outdoors for exercise heals you.

Here’s the video that started it all

President Obama issued a challenge to his wife on Twitter along with a Jimmy Kimmel-worthy video:


And the First Lady did not disappoint!  Watch her video below

flotus workout

Isn’t she the coolest First Lady!  Wow.  And here’s a bonus video from the Washington Post of real people trying to do Michelle Obama’s workout.  (It’s funny.)

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