Photo Courtesy: Uniqlo

HEALTHY LIVING |  6.13.19  |  by Julie Rhodins

One of the best ways to protect against summer UV rays is with summer jackets.  Yes, hats, sunscreen, umbrellas, and shade are also great.  But if you’re out and about, some of the newest lightweight, breathable jackets can do a wonderful job at protecting your skin without making you feel hot.  Here are some of our favorite summer jackets!

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Women Airism UV Cut Long-Sleeve Mesh Hoodie

You’ll love this hooded jacket from Uniqlo because it’s so perfect for summer — lightweight, lots of colors, easy to put on in a jiffy.  It is specially designed to protect the skin from UV rays — with longer sleeves to cover the hands, along with a hood and the ability to zip up to protect your neck.  There’s 13 colors including white and black.  And the fabric is a breathable mesh that keeps you dry.  ($29.90)

Nozone Lanai Sun Protective Full Zip Women’s Shirt – UPF 50+

We like that this jacket maker lists UPF which stands for “ultraviolet protection factor.”  It is is a rating given to UPF clothing.  The rating tells you how well a fabric will block UV rays from the sun — both UVA and UVB rays.  It’s made from more sustainable materials — 66% rayon from bamboo.  There aren’t any chemicals in the jacket to create the sunscreen — you get the UV protection from the special weave.  Yet, the jacket still breathes and wicks moisture away from you to keep you cool.  You get the neck protection as well. ($34.99-44.99)

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Sprinter Sport Jacket

This summer jacket is also UPF rated, and the manufacturer says that UPF 50+ with their weave will block out 98% of UV radiation using their SUNTECT™ technology, which is also breathable and lightweight.  If you need a full-length summer jacket, this one runs about 25 inches.  The jacket is specifically made for you to protected and stay cool while still being active outdoors. ($119.00-129.00)

Lumberfield Women’s Lightweight Windbreaker

This summer jacket is super lightweight and can be easily rolled up into a small space to carry along, even in your purse.  It’s also waterproof.  It doesn’t appear to have wicking technology, so if it is really hot and sticky outside perhaps you might opt for a jacket with wicking technology.  But if the daytime temps are sunny and not too hot, this would be an easy pull on especially because of its portability. ($29.90)