HEALTHY LIVING  | 10.11.17  |  by Terra Wellington

Fall is a busy time of year. There’s taking kids to after-school activities, sports games, and making time for homework. There’s also a change in weather and less sunshine. And with this transition, perhaps we forget that taking care of ourselves should still be a priority. Here are some healthy living family tips just in time to enjoy the fall season.

This post is sponsored by Arnicare, Bosch, Arm & Hammer, and Swisse.

Get Outdoors to Enjoy Sunshine

There are lots of fall activities to choose from but often left off the list are those that include getting outdoors to get some sunshine and exercise.  Being around greenscape and away from the everyday hum of technology and work can help to reduce your stress.

The National Institutes of Health says that daily sunshine improves our mood, energy, and sleep quality.  For working parents, take an outdoor midday walk. And on weekends, you can rake leaves and do outdoor activities with your children.

But if you do have muscle stiffness from sitting in front of the computer too much or a burst of outdoor physical activity, you can keep at the ready Arnicare.  It helps with simple injuries and bruises to give relief.  It’s made from the Mountain Daisy flower and comes in either an unscented cream or gel.  The gel has a cooling effect – and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Use Filters to Help With Fall Allergies

Allergies affect nearly 50 million people in the United States, and peak in both the spring and the fall.

And many of us don’t consider our vehicle can be a hotbed for breathing in microscopic pollutants including pollen, mold, and other common allergens.  The solution is proper maintenance of your cabin air filter to protect you and your family – this means changing out the filter every 12,000 miles.  Next time you replace your filter, consider the Bosch HEPA Premium Cabin Air Filters which trap particles and dust to protect your family and also help to clean the air inside your vehicle.

For inside the home, you can capture allergens, dust, and debris from your home’s surfaces with your everyday home vacuum – as long as you use the right vacuum bag or filter.  

One brand you can look for is Arm and Hammer’s Premium Allergen bags and HEPA filters.  You can find them exclusively at Walmart, and they fit nearly all vacuum brands and models.  You’ll want to replace them every 3 to 6 months to get the most benefit for a clean home.

Eat Seasonal, Look for Supplements

Fall is a great time to eat in a seasonal and local way.  Fall choices include apples, pears, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  Grapes and persimmons are also in season, along with nutrient-rich sweet potatoes and pumpkins.  (More about how to know what is seasonal in our article on Fall Seasonal Snacking Ideas.)

You can also utilize supplements to help maintain your nutritional needs.  For example, Australian brand Swisse Wellness just launched its Men’s and Women’s Ultivite multivitamin products in the U.S.  Did you know that the Australian regulations for vitamins are more stringent than here in the U.S.?  This can give you peace of mind about this product.  The formulas have over 50 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs.  The product is backed by 13 clinical research studies and scientifically proven to help support energy and stamina — which we all need!!

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