HEALTHY LIVING  | 11.17.19  |  by Terra Wellington

Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter for the whole family.

As the winter season settles in and the busy holidays ramp up, taking care of yourself might move to the back burner.  If you have a packed schedule this time of year, it’s easy to think less and less about your own health. Whether it’s watching what you eat or getting enough rest, wintertime has its own healthy living challenges.  To give you some ways to stay healthy in winter, we have some easy stay-well helps for navigating this new season.

This post is sponsored by Hooray Health, Robitussin, and Ban. 

Telemedicine Can Help Your Family

When it comes to ways to stay healthy in winter, including the busy holiday season, hand washing on a regular basis is important.  Also, a preventive tactic is to not touch your face.  Both of these winter wellness behaviors are some of the simplest ways you can reduce the transmission of germs.

For hand washing, this means cleaning all surfaces of your hands for 20 seconds.  You can practice washing your hands with your children so they know how to do it.

But if you or someone in your family does get sick, telemedicine can be helpful for things like the cold, flu, ear infections and other ailments.  

For example, Hooray Health’s WellCall, a telemedicine service, is available 24/7, every day of the year.   For $9.95 a month, you get access to board-certified doctors via phone or video in minutes.  And the program is affordable and focuses on wellness.  Members also have access to a discount prescription program, which can save you an average of 60 percent at your local pharmacy.  And this is also great for that holiday travel because you can access a doctor right away from wherever you are.  Currently (as of November 2019), you can also get two months free when you sign up for the year.

Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter with telemedicine.

Self Care Matters For Staying Well

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can make you feel more tired, give you muscle tension, and cause headaches.  It can also cause sleep problems.  

But it’s important to set aside your own personal time, away from the busy holiday season, to wind down.  Yoga, meditation, or massage can help with your winter wellness.  Getting 8 hours of sleep at night is also helpful.

Now, if you do get sick with cough and congestion this time of year, you can feel stressed about losing a day of work or squeezing in holiday activities.  So, again, look to take care of yourself.

Symptom relief medicine can give your body a break from the cough and congestion while you get through your day.  You could look to Robitussin’s new 12-Hour Tablets.  You take one, convenient dose, and then you get extended release for 12 hours to help reduce your cough and congestion.  Of course, consult your doctor depending on your symptoms.  But self care is really important.

Keep Moving During The Winter

It’s really important to keep your body moving during the winter.  You can change up your fitness routine and do new things to keep you motivated.  Maybe it’s taking up yoga, going to the gym more often, downloading a fitness app and working out at home.

You should also consider taking a walk outdoors during the day to get the sunshine’s bright light for your body’s health.  And winter sports are also an option, like skiing.

Now, for winter personal care, you do want to reduce your body’s wetness to help you stay warm.  And to help you not get cold from your sweat, you can look for Ban’s Purely Gentle Roll On Antiperspirant Deodorant.  This glides on clear and cuts down on underarm wetness for 24 hours.  It’s also non-irritating and gentle on your skin.  And it has a unique formula that actually breaks down the sweat so that you don’t have odor.  

Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter by staying dry with Ban.

Eat Those Veggies and Fruits

Certainly eating right with a moderate diet all year round is important.  But in the winter, there are seasonal fruits and vegetables which are often on sale and really nutritious for you.

And this is really important because only about 10 percent of us are eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables each day .  It is recommended that adults eat about 2 cups of fruits and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day.

Here are some winter wellness veggie and fruit ideas: