HEALTHY LIVING  |  12.27.18  |  by Terra Wellington

With every New Year, there’s a chance for a new start.  And with healthy living, there’s often goals to eat right, get exercise, and feel better overall. We’re looking forward to giving you a boost of positive goal setting for the New Year.  And so here are four ways you can set wellness goals for 2019.

This post is sponsored by Norwegian Cruise Line, Headspace, LG Appliances, and Freedom 365.

Travel Helps You De-Stress

For 2019, travel is one of the top goals that people make.  It helps you to disconnect from our wired world — relax and de-stress.  It also helps your body and mind to rejuvenate.

A great example of disconnecting is when you take a cruise. This is because you can relax from the moment you get on board.

And for a cruise line that takes care of you, Norwegian Cruise Line has a first-time offer in January 2019 called “Take All Six” – with:

  • Free shore excursions
  • Free or reduced airfare
  • Free beverages, specialty dining, and WiFi packages
  • And you can bring the whole family, with the third and fourth guests in a stateroom sailing for free.

Goal Focusing to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

When you’re setting a goal, there are three things that can really help you achieve it.   First, write down your goal.  You can also tell someone about your goal so that you’re accountable.  And third, mental focus on your goal is important.

World Champion Golfer Jack Nicklaus was quoted as saying “I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus picture of it in my head.”

A tool that can help you have focus is Headspace.  It’s a meditation app that can help ensure your New Year’s resolutions stick — with nearly 1000 hours of meditation and mindfulness content.  For example, if you want to eat better, you can do a series of meditations on mindful eating or coping with cravings. And this helps you to have more self-control and bounce back from distractions.

Using Technology To More Easily Cook At Home

Here at SMG, we’re not big fans of diets.  But we do love a healthy eating lifestyle, which includes adding more vegetables and plant-based foods into your diet. And it’s easier when you prepare foods at home, especially because technology is coming to the rescue for us in making healthy home-cooking easier.

LG is a great example, with its smart Wi-Fi enabled gas and electric oven ranges with ProBake Convection.   This means you’ll have optimal heat distribution to have even baking and cooking results every time, to truly cook like a boss.  And save on time with it’s 10-minute EasyClean technology. You can also sync with the LG SmartThinQ phone app to get your meal started faster.  And it even works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. These technology helps can seamlessly tell your oven to preheat while preparing dinner.

Wellness Apps Support You In Improving Your Life

Technology is also helping us with healthcare and wellness.  In fact, 75 percent of us now say that technology is important to managing our health.  And in 2019, you can look to wellness apps and online programs to help you manage and improve many areas of your life.

A great example of this is Freedom 365’s Virtual Addiction Recovery System created by 28-year sober Brian McAlister.  It helps individuals who struggle with addiction.  And it’s affordable, available 24/7, and helps you set the foundation for long-term recovery, not just sobriety.   There’s 500 interactive videos and relapse prevention tools to help you get thru the moments when you want to give up.