Yoga for the family. (Source: Active Kids)

HEALTHY LIVING  | 4.9.18  |  Edited by Gia Dolney

At Simple Mom’s Guide, we’ve discussed how moms can be more mindful and present with their family.  We love how it helps you reduce stress.  Another way to achieve this mindfulness is with yoga.  And moms who regularly practice yoga have noticed the wonderful effects of the practice on their health and overall well-being.  And did you know that yoga can actually teach the whole family important life lessons?  For kids and adults alike.  Add it to your parenting toolbox!!  Here are eight things yoga can teach the whole family —

This is a contributed post written exclusively for Simple Mom’s Guide.

Yoga For The Family

Here’s how the whole family benefits —

1. Mindfulness toward feelings and actions – Simply being aware of feelings during a pose and how you react to it can be a good way to assess the mindset of everyone in the family. This can be used as a great coaching tool for maintaining proper manners and attitude.

2. Compassion for others – In addition to looking inward, another core principle of yoga is to acknowledge and value the connection of a person to everything and everyone else. Moms can use this knowledge as a way to relate bigger issues and concerns to their kids. For example, one of the longtime yogis under intense scrutiny today is Hollywood star Meghan Markle because of her upcoming wedding. Her mother’s yoga background helped develop the young lady’s character, and she is now admired for being charitable. Markle dabbles in humanitarian work that focuses on gender equality and women empowerment. Good guidance does wonders when it comes to influencing a child’s behavior and actions in the future.

3. Trust one another – When practicing yoga as a family, being able to incorporate partner poses adds a new flavor to the session. Wanderlust explains that group yoga provides good opportunities for kids and parents to bond while enjoying a physical activity. Doing acro yoga poses with your husband and teaching your kids to assist each other in stretching create a sense of familial intimacy.

4. Accept yourself and be grateful – Yoga also teaches acceptance because some poses that are easier for some might be harder for others. This puts emphasis on the fact that humans come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s a great way to teach kids that they should honor their bodies and what they can do, rather than compare themselves to others around them.

5. Appreciating each other’s achievements – Being able to see the progress of everyone in the family can be a good basis for encouragement and support. Contrary to school or work, yoga is not evaluated through scores and performance reviews. This can be a time to simply have fun, not set any expectations, and encourage teamwork.

6. Importance of dedicating time for the family – Since yoga can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, it will be associated with happy memories. Yoga’s dynamic nature makes it a perfect activity that everyone can look forward to doing together. Having something in common for all also encourages conversations that strengthen your relationship with one another.

7. Stay determined and patient – Because of the focus and attention yoga infuses in practice, it develops a firm resolve and increases patience from executing difficult poses. This results in open-mindedness among family members, which everyone will appreciate in the long run.

8. Be optimistic – Coming full circle, yoga will teach everyone to have a more positive outlook in life because of their experiences from the sessions. Kids watching their moms making mistakes during practice will even remind them that it’s okay to commit errors. This gentleness with the self will only grow stronger over time and eventually be a part of the person’s character.