HEALTHY LIVING  |  12.29.15  |  by Terra Wellington

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It’s out with the old and in with the new. And with 2016 in front of us, it’s time to set up our goals for success. This includes healthy living like eating right and taking better care of our families. And so we have some easy tips on wellness goals for the New Year for you and your family.

Read on for 2016’s wellness goals  

This post is sponsored by KIND, Big Slice, ZocDoc, and DAILIES TOTAL1®.

Add Super Grains Into Your Family’s Diet

One of the newest trends for 2016 is the explosion of super grains.  Super grains are simply whole grains that aren’t stripped of protein, fiber, and vitamins. You get all the nutritional benefits and taste. So, make a goal to look for them.

For example, KIND’s new breakfast bars are made with recognizable ingredients and contain a full serving of whole grains — including gluten-free oats, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa.  They are soft baked with a crispy outside, and are an excellent source of fiber. When you have a busy morning and want breakfast, these bars are a great on-the-go option – especially if you pair with Greek yogurt and fruit. image

Bump Up Your Produce

The new USDA Dietary Guidelines are causing more discussion on the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.  This is great. And according to the Harvard School of Public Health, fruits and veggies can lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease, and lower your risk of eye and digestive problems.

So, the goal would be to add variety to your healthy fruit.   One example of variety is Big Slice juicy cooked apples, which are delicious, all natural, about 100 calories, and come in a lot of flavors like Cherry Vanilla, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Pineapple Passion Fruit & Fiber.  The snack can go with you anywhere, and it opens easily.

Use Technology for Medical Care

ZocDoc-iOS-App-1-Homepage[4]-webOne new trend is to use technology to help you find doctor appointments to save time.  And ZocDoc is a great example.

  • You can be at work or by your child’s bedside at midnight – and you download the free app, search for a wide variety of doctors in your neighborhood who take your insurance, and then book an appointment instantly online.  It gets your family seeing a doctor within 24 hours — 18 times faster than calling, which is a huge plus for moms!

The company also recently also found out that 80 percent of Americans admit to delaying or foregoing preventive healthcare.  And it can be easy to forget about your eyes. One way to use the app is to final an eye doctor and make your annual eye exam appointment. 

If you wear contacts, at this annual eye exam you can ask your doctor about water-gradient technology. For example, DAILIES TOTAL1®  contact lenses are the first and only contact lens with this technology.  This means the lens approaches 100 percent water at the outermost surface for comfort that lasts until the end of the day.  It’s a daily disposable lens which means no cleaning required. Just remove at night, put in a fresh pair every morning, and you’re ready to go! DailiesTotal1

For more tips on creating your wellness goals, check out our article on making smaller goals for success.